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Confidential Document Destruction

Nottingham Removals and Storage will collect and securely dispose of your confidential documents and other media.

Confidential documents and other sensitive media are accumulated by most businesses, whether they relate to clients' or their own internal documents and accounts. Once the documents are no longer required every care needs to be taken to ensure they are disposed of securely and cannot fall into the wrong hands.

For certain classifications of data there are regulatory requirements regarding the handling and secure disposal of that data which need to be considered.

Shredding or Incineration?

Nottingham Removals and Storage favour destruction by incineration at local authority incinerator plants. This disposes of the waste in one operation and no further handling or transportation of the consignment is required. Energy recovered from the incineration process is fed back in to community heating schemes or used to generate electricity.

Bulk Loads Handled

We have been handling confidential waste for our regular clients for over 25 years, and are often called upon at short notice to dispose of confidential documents, magnetic media and microfiche where an office is being closed or archives are being transferred to electronic storage.

Of particular interest to Insolvency Practitioners, we can handle complete clearances including the disposal of confidential waste. We recycle or dispose of end of life furniture and equipment, metals and cardboard.

Regular Collections

We can handle one-off loads of confidential waste or schedule regular collection of boxes and bags.

Certificates of Destruction Issued

Once your consignment has been destroyed we issue a certificate of destruction that shows details of the

  • Collection - address, date, time and who authorised the collection
  • Consignment - including any security seal serial numbers if these have been used
  • Destruction - when the items were destroyed and by what means; who accompanied the load to the incinerator.

If you are a solicitor, accountant, insolvency practitioner, NHS trust or any other type of organisation that needs to securely dispose of confidential waste, then get in contact to see how we can help.

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